my many moods
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2004-02-24 00:09:31 (UTC)

my fear


-Leting down my parents.
-Making my mom cry.
-My brother going to jail.
-My brother not seeing the life that he can make of
-Me not graduating from highschool with good enough grades
to go to collage and get a good life and a healthy family.
-My sister not getting married.
-My other brother not finding love and succeding in life
as well as i think he can.
-My dad dying becuz of many reasons that can be wrong with
him that the doctors havent found yet.
-Me losing any of my family members in any way.
-Making a bad desision that will cause my family to be
-My family falling apart.
-My family being poor to the point we have to move.
-My animals dying.
-My grandfather dying.
-The person who means the most in my life (mom) dying.
-and many more.....

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