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2004-02-24 00:03:07 (UTC)

um....the theft of ideas!

Ok so today i got really cheesed! I was gonna call my mom
so i was staying over by the science building so mrs. oritz
didnt see me (mrs. lewis kicked us out do to a staff
meeting) and brittney comes walking towards me...and we are
friends so i walked with her over to mrs. lewis's room (she
had to talk to her and my mom was running late) and like
brittney asked her about bieng her aid next year. And i got
all mad cuz that was my i called her an idea
stealer...i would have said something different but mrs.
lewis was right there so that wouldnt have been smart.
Anyway i figure i should explain some things before
i finish this damn entry...i know way to many people so u
have to bear with me...but here are some of my favorite
Pamela-my mom she is like the coolest. But like all
mom's she gets a little p.m.s.y but i guess it is ok. She
is a blond so she is a ditz but that is why i love her.
Chelsea: My best friend. We have known eachother like
forever. She is overdramatic and a blond (that sums that
up) and she copies eyeryone. Espially me and her
Jessica- Chelsea's older sister. We are close in age
so we get along pretty well. She comes over to my house
sometimes with her sister, and chelsea gets jealous...and
it bugs.
Mrs. Lewis- the best teacher to ever live. Her
birthday is the day after me. And she was born in the same
year as my mom. So she is a capricorn and a horse just like
me. We get along really well and i suck up to her. She has
red hair and a firey temper...sometimes. Everyone thinks
she is the best.
Mrs. Ortiz- not really my favorite. She is ok
though. She is the vice principal.
D.j.- definatly not my favorite. We went out for
a while but i broke up with him for so many reasons.
That is it for now if i feel i should explain the
other is wont! Jk i will...just not right now! Hee hee bye
for now!

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