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2004-02-23 23:33:45 (UTC)

whoa whoa and WHOA

well how is everyone today? i am just peachy keen!!! well
actually im not... lol im kinda owrried about what i
actually did saturday night... well i brought my good
friend, cousin, neighbor whatever u want to call her...
well i brought her up to campus with me.,... shes only 13
but she seems older so its cool shit well anyways i got
totally shitfaced and dont remember half the night but its
all good because supposably i was all over darien which is
totally cool because hes totally great and hes hot to
boot :) but who knows what else went on... but i woke up
next to my christopher... i know that sounds bad but hey im
still single... however sometimes it seems like me and
chris are an item... hopefully we will be son i just want
to get it all out of my system start fresh and be a totally
awesome g/f to a totally great guy like chris but i think
its all almost out :)so thats cool shit ;) but i dont
really have much else to say lol so im out like the urine
in my eh nevermind scratch that lol... im gonna split the a
banana... that better.? cool beans
live everymoment like its ur last because who knows when ur
last one will come

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