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2004-02-23 21:26:11 (UTC)

Dreaming about the Ex

Ex's are strange things. You get away from them physically
and gradually stop thinking about them. Then they sneak up
on you in your dreams. Bad, bad dreams. One in particular
used to make me completely crazy when we were together.
Crazy both in bed and crazy mentally.

We would have mind blowing sex together and while smoking a
cigarette afterwards, she would say something like 'so, who
were you thinking about while we were having sex.'
Actually, she, the psycho queeen would never say 'sex'. It
had to be 'making love'. It was never really a question
either. She spoke with a knowing tone that left no doubt
that she wouldn't accept 'no-one' as an answer.

I made a mistake once and compared her to what's-her-face
from Risky Business. You know, the blond who seduced Tom
Cruise. Anyway, some time after that we were kissing good
night on the top step of my apartment and she just blurted
out something like 'do you like thinking about her when
you're inside me Sean'? Ugh. How crazy to be feeling
close to someone and hear them say something like that.

Eventually, I could laugh about the irony that the first
girl I ever fell completely and utterly in love with wound
up acting like that. There's only one phase that fits:
borderline personality disorder. Yeah, yeah, I know an
amateur isn't supposed to assign DSDM codes, but sometimes
you just know.