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2004-02-23 20:35:25 (UTC)

Pissed Off from School

Aight well I get into school today and I go straight into
doing work. So I'm working on my website for our teacher
Brian. Well before I left his class today, the fucking
thing got deleted off the computer for the 5th time. I
told him that I wasn't fucking doing another one.... I
done it too many times and I ain't putting up with th eshit
no more. I mean, like anyone has access to every
computer... I think the dickhead night-class students
delete the shit, coz they check out peoples files and fuck
around too much. They think they know what their doing and
they really dont! I'm gonna get one of those lil fuckers,
strap'em to a chair, and beat'em with a fucking shoe.
I got a game tonight at 10:15 so I'll type more in later.

Ok...well, the team we were supposed to play against only
had 5 guys and no goalie, so we just skated out on the ice
ourselves, drank a few beers, and had a 3-on-3 game.
Afterwards, we just sat in the locker room; me, my dad,
Bonner, Adam, and Chip. We just talked for an hr till like
12:30am and drank all the beers me n my dad brought with us
to the rink. I talked to a few people about a trip that I
am goin on for my 21st B-Day, during the 1st week of
August. My B-Day is on August 2nd, so I'm looking to go
down to the Carribean for about 4 dyas n just chill and

Out Like a Boner in Sweatpants....

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