A day in the life....
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2004-02-23 18:55:56 (UTC)

yeah yeah i know...

I don't update anymore...then again i don't think anyone
reads this. My classes are going well so far this
semester. I have registered for my internship this summer.
Wedding plans are doing very well and it's only 82 more
days until i'm Mrs. Sanders. that means there's only 68
more days 'til classes are done and 75 more days until my
last round of Finals are OVER! Kinda exciting. *smile* I
gotta go find a Yoga article to review for class. Maybe
i'll update in the near future...MAYBE...we shall see. If
not, God bless and Have A Wonderful Life. Life is what we
make it, we CHOOSE to let ourselves enjoy it or not.
*waves bye bye*