Nick's Journal
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2004-02-23 15:33:20 (UTC)

Even though I'm sick I harbor no ill will towrads that idiot who sneezed all over my jamocha shake

i've found my new love in life. it is called jamocha,
last name shake. the first time i tried it was when dave
got one it was pretty good. so i decided to get myself
one. so i go in and order it and the dude that got it for
me was all sneezing around, he actually did it around my
drink. ech.
but being the moron that i am i decide to drink it anyhow
and here i am. but damn that shit was good.
i saw my first live car chase today, i hit msnbc and there
was the 1991 ford tempo cruisin' around la or something
like that. apparently he had robbed a gas station or
something and he was trying to flee the scene. being the
assholes that they are, msnbc took a commercial break so i
switched too fox, for whom any potential of seeing someone
get shot demands 24 hr. coverage with something of a
sports announcer for a news reporter.
well it ended, no shots fired, i always wonder about that
you know? i mean here you are fleeing the scene in a 1991
ford tempo after committing a robbery. now at what point
in time do you say to yourself, "alright steven, this is
just plain fucking crazy. let's pull over before we do
something stupid."
just kinda sat down on the ground too. that was my
morning buzz.
i had some austrian chocolate today, damn when i eat that
chocolate it takes me into a comfortable zone. it's sorta
like that zone you're in when you guess the song your
friend is gonna put in cos you wanted to hear it as well.
knowing that nothing but enjoyment lies ahead.
i still remember when i did that with my aunt's song, it
was, "i still haven't found what i'm looking for" by you
u2. how crazy is that? synchronicity.
anyhow the blue cow on the chocolate wrapper has told me
that the aspirin is kicking my conscience's ass.

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