in silent existance
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2004-02-23 15:17:26 (UTC)

zippide do da

oh my my my my my
so very bored. in computer class yet again doing
absolutly . . . .NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
la da da da da this is so crappy! but yea as my best
friend puts it "awe well" thats his excuse 4 everything!
but w/e as long as he does not blow me off this weekend i
don't care. did i mention that yes wednesday is my birthday?
well guess what...it is!!! finally i will be 15 can't wait.
the only bad part is yea i'm 1 of the shortest 15 yr olds i
kno lol
again "awe well" i will get over it lol
but yea i have this song stuck in my head its called "i
can't make you love me" its a really good song, i like it
alot. so yes now that i have nothing more to say i will
leave my journal now lol
bye bye to all those who read it.
oh yea my aim s/n is whoopbob in case anyone wants 2 chat
i will be on bout 8 ish 2 night