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2004-02-23 09:54:28 (UTC)


today i was scolded by simon, but c if i care.
unfortunately, he also scolded sally, my lovely neighbour
and cheryl ai. sorry guys. anyway, during that double
amaths, sally and me went crazy. we kept writing swear
words on the table. i know that a bit mo liu, but wat can i
do? that doesnt' really matter. the most important thing is
sally showed me a piece of paper having all those
description of her lover. nei.... the words are so骨
痺. like handsome, smart,
after tutour, i met alision at the mini bus station.we got
on the bus, a boy sat next to us. he's a international
skool boy. while we are talking excitingly, alision looked
very surprise. i turned around and saw that boy PICKING HIS
NOSE!!!!eeeeellllllll~ it's really gross ma for a boy to do
the publicly, and he seems to be enjoying very much. gross
boy.^_^. better dunt let me c him next time, i will scream~

PS 1. today lunch, carmen and me saw mr JASON LEUNG. carmen
is going to the xx30 la, so we tried to ask mr leung to
sponsor carmen. we know he spotted us and he knew we
spotted him, but he still can ran away with it!!!! 有冇"鮫"錯
ar, how can u be such a jerk!!!!(maybe is a little bit too
serious, but can't think of a better descriptive word for
PS 2. daddy is going to austraila today, he'll be back on
this thur. :)miss daddy
Anachronistic(uh NAK ru NISS tik)(adj.)
- false
- - word charge
- out-of-date, not attributed to the correct historical

eg the events on the timeline were anachronistic; there
were two events in the wrong chronological order.