would the world stop spinning
2004-02-23 08:43:42 (UTC)

who ever knows when it's done...

so tonight i hadda good conversation with my seeser....
beth is kinda one of two people that no matter what i say
or do she knows how i REALLY feel about things...
i cried again tonight over her...and she was saying if it
still really hurts and she still really gets to you then
you arent over here,and i know you so no matter what anyone
says to you and no matter what we think,your going to see
it how you see it...........

my questions are.........
wha t do you do when you find the person you think is the

what do you do when that scares you sooo much you fuck it

and what do you do when you relize you fucked it up so bad
you'll never get it back???

aside from that, what would you di if the person you
thought was the one for you,didn't think you were the one
for them???

beth only said if they were the ONE really, they would have
understood,not cared and stuck through anything for you...
well all that time,while you're hurting,what do you do?