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2004-02-23 06:59:53 (UTC)

geeks rule.

seeing as how i litterally spent all day reading The
Great Gatsby and trying to fervently finish it before
tomorrow morning, i figured it was a pretty good
but then i changed my mind. the book itself wasnt all that
bad, and i loved the ending for some reason, even though it
was rather simple, aside of course from 2 people being shot
to death, one as a homicide, the other suicide. but it
ended with nick laying sprawled out on the beach, either at
twilight or just before dawn, and it was just cool. i
spread out a blanket and took a pillow and put it on the
concrete and laid for a good 2 hours while i read the book.
the main purpose was to get a little sun, as i am deathly
tired of being nearly albino. i would go to the tanning bed
but my boyfriend has an emmense hated of the things, and
doesnt want me to go to often, which isfine for me, because
now i actually have to get off my lazy behind and move out
doors if i intend to be de-albinoed before it gets warm
again. but i think i got sunburntalittle. when the bottle
of tanning spray says "contains no sun-screen, even
extensive tanners may burn", you better believe it.

then i gave up on the book for awhile and watched a movie
on "the man bashing channel", also known as 'lifetime'. it
was called "She's Too Young" and was about a 14 yr old girl
who decided she wanted to be popular. she {hannah}was a
straight A student, very pretty, played chello, went to
church, and was a cheerleader. her best friend was one of
the geeks and a very skilled photographer. so so as i said,
she decided she wanted to be "popular", and was very
pretty. so when the most popular guy in school, also the
school's biggest whore, )i suppose that applies to guys as
well),who was 2 or 3years older than her, asked her out on
a date, she thought she was all that and then some. they
eventually ended up at his house and he tried to get her to
have sex but she said she wasnt ready. so the bastard did
the whole "if you really like me you'll do it" bit and she
ended up giving him oral sex. one of her bestfriends had
gotten syphilis from this guy and tried to her and
everybody else but they wouldnt listen. so hannah ended up
with syphilis and didnt tell anybody. that is soem of the
pictures i have ever seen...she went to the school nurse
who, by now, had discovered that 1/2 the school had the
disease and set up a blood test for anyone who'd come.
hanna got her shot and was fine in 2 weeks. so everything's
good right. nah...wouldnt make for much of an ending now
would it? hannah's mom got really pissed and started a
syphilis support group which made all the kids really mad.
they started tormenting hannah's family but finally gave it
up. then hannah went to look for one of her friends at a
party and some guy about 20 tried to rape her. her best
friend, i cant remember his name, knew she had left and
went to look for her and found her and saved her just
before it got ugly. he took her home and called her mom and
dad and everything eventually got better.

moral of the story? screw (or, well, in this case that
word doesnt quite fit...)heck with "popular" people and
power to the geeks!! no matter what you think, geeks make
the best friends, (and boyfriends.) they're sweet, truly
care about you, treat you like a human and an equal, take
the time to listen to you and actually enjoy it, and most
of all they respect you and wont force you to do anything
you dont want. i love the geeks, especially mine. he's
the best, and the coolest too. and everybody agrees with me
on that.


forever 17