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Journey of Life - Larry's Life
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2004-02-23 06:15:59 (UTC)

Up-To-Date on Life

I thought i would begin this, after reading my sisters. I
used to have my own personal journal to write things down
in. But after writing all the things down that cram inside
your head, you think to yourself....,"Maybe if other people
read this, it might give them a little nudge in the back
and help them out with a situation...." "Maybe, this could
also help out myself later down the road; for that crital
decision, or just on gettin through a lil situation."
Whatever the reason for making a Journal or Diary, its
meant to put down your personal information, and to keep
some kind of sanity with situations/problems that you can't
confide with in others.

My story up-to-date.....
Life... is no JOKE. I watch people everyday treat it like
its one big party; but their the only one invited. From
school to home, from home to work, and from work to going
out at night, I watch people destroy themselves with
narcotics, anger, lust, and giving up on themselves.
As for me... I have become a straight A student. A student
at CHI Institute (Graphic Designer), a aspiring Model &
Actor, and also a skillful Ice Hockey Player. I don't
take life as much as a joke... I learn from watching other
make mistakes, just as any normal human being. Yet, my
intake on the mistakes stays with me FOREVER, so as to not
make the same mistake or something even worse.
I am 20 years of age and single. Too picky with finding a
suitable girlfriend.... thanks to my ex of 2 years ago
cheating on me. I believe it to be better that she did,
for i needed to wise up a bit on whom it is that I'm with.
Girls say all or most guys are pigs... I learned that most
girls, not ALL, are demonic, demanding, bitches, that
expect you to roll over and pamper them like their the last
woman on earth. Now for one.... I ain't down ta fuckin do
that. I'll be straight up with a girl, or anyone... I
don't do that shit, and I especially dont expect ya to be
doin it for me... But if you're just doing it because
thats how ya are... then knock your fuckin socks off..; but
I still ain't gonna return the fucking favor! I'm not Mr.
Moneybags, but I ain't some poor fuck that used his last
dollar for 2 twinkies and a slimjim. I make good money
I'm in school and I go about doing my own thing. I don't
got time for ppls shit... "I got my words and my balls..,
and I ain't gonna break'em for no'one". I'm not a hateful
person, but sometimes I act it coz I catch myself in a
situation that I have my guard up on.
Last, I got 4 months of school left. Graduation is July
1st. So time to finish up then look for that transfer to
Temple University. It ain't bad.... When I'm done at
Temple, I'll be 22, and have a BA in Graphic Design/Fine
Arts. It's good to be young and have so much going for
you. I just wish SOME PEOPLE could have turned out the
same way.... By just using their head.

Out Like a Boner in Sweatpants
- Larry -