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2004-02-23 05:47:58 (UTC)

royal flush

Im afraid of this train, and i can't tell you why. that's a
lie, of course. I can tell you that I've never done it all
before. I can also tell you that strange people make me
nervous because they look like people I know from home.
People I am so fond of. When this happened, when the girl
sat next to me and treated me as she would an old friend,
looking so much like my old friend, but with scarcely the
voice Im sure, it made me wonder if the two should meet.
This, I came to think, would be a disaster. people always
have trouble agreeing on who looks like who, and inevitably,
someone gets offended.

All I know is, I wish we were old friends. She takes
photographs that I have never seen, but that I can only
imagine are the loveliest to date.

The bathrooms on these trains are the funniest things. I
couldn't figure out how to work the door on my first try.
Luckily, Im a quick learn.
It is the tiniest room you have ever seen. And so specific,
so strategic that it almost made me cry. Men sat around
tables and talked about rooms like these for days. Poor
people were paid $8/hr. to test them out.

The soap is secured to the counter and there is a little
trash chute, and i wish somehow that i knew where it all
ended up. Maybe in the train's belly with the lights that
flicker, flickers that always accompany trains going fast
and far.

The roomis labeled perfectly, and unnecessarily as it has
been designed with everything just where it should be,
working just as it should work-with the exception of the
door, of course. Even the area where you sit, the throne,
even that has been carved out to accomodate.

And when you flush, the bluest water flushes out, blue like
fountains at miniature golf courses, and like jell-o that we
never drank, but instead used to dye our hair. The blue
comes and takes everything away and the whole place is left
perfect again.

Of course, we're left to wonder where the blue goes. But
i've heard stories, and I can assume. I'm just glad that
we're on the train-and no one will die when the frozen blue
falls from the sky

like an angel shot down by a fighter jet.