jello girl

A idiots's guide to leading a stupid
2004-02-23 04:23:26 (UTC)

The first thing

so online diary's are cool!! I dont really have much to
write about today! It was just the weekend! I spent the day
at my dad's house and that was ok. But now i am homw and i
feel happy to be home. So i am basiclly just really bored!!
So it is kind of funny, cuz like all this stuff at
school is happening just cuz someone is going out with
another someone, and this is makeing another someone very
jealous!!! i find it rather amusing! hehe. it is all becuz
Avery is going out with this guy named drew and this is
making mitchell very mad, very very mad. hehe. i hate
mitchell. like so much.
Anyway nothing else much happened today. Jessica
was being her usual spazzy self, of course when does that
ever change. hehe. um... she gave me the idea to start an
online diary in the fist place. So it is really her fault i
am using this to complain about my crappy life here and not
in my own this is kind of sucky...cuz i think
i am gettin carpal tunnel from typing and it is really sad
cuz i still have a full lifr ahead of me. o well. what do i
care...not at all...hehe. i am such a jerk and i dont
care...hehe... i am also a dork.
So i started marmalade boy one again...i think they
are like so good...and that everyone should read them...and
i am not just saying that...pretty much everyone in math
has read at least number that tells u that they
are really good.
i am also reading a neverending story. and it is funny
because it comes to an that weird or what? I think
so i mean it is like false advertising or something.
i am listening to the radio...r kelly "ignition".
Did u know his name was robert? i didnt! i just heard it on
the radio...go figure...i mean it makes sense but still it
is weird. at least i think so...of course i am like
that ...but still.
that is it for today... i will write like tomorrow
or maybe the next day...i dont know
peas out

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