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2004-02-23 02:46:19 (UTC)


Wow, after so long another post!!!

I actually got a night off for once, in 2 weeks I'll have
3 nights off (4 now), 2 of which are I'm suppose to get
off for Chess anyways, I'm going nuts!!! Still working for
Subway, last week I had 31 hours Full time student.
Definately not chill, this week I would have had 28ish
hours, but since I got someone to cover for me tonight its
down to 23, which is still a grip. I was really
considering quitting today because I really needed a day
off, just some time to myself, some time to do homework.

YEAH!!! I found out on Thursday I got accepted to Oregon
State!!!! First choice! GO BEAVS!!!! Cant wait for college
to start, but I mainly want to just graduate and be done
with High School. Looking back I realize I missed out on
a lot with some people, but I had great times with my
friends, even if most are a year older than me anyways. I
feel like I should have been one of them, graduated last
year and called it good, but I would have missed this year
with all my friends, all those good times with them. Just
about 60 more school days for Seniors, so I'm almost done,
and I'll be happy and proud of when I do graduate.

I really hope I can keep in touch with my friends after I
graduate I mean theres just so much I've done with all of
them, I'll miss all those good times with them but I'll
just have to look towards college and make a lot more
friends at OSU. We'll see how things go, I'll probably
drive back with friends to Portland maybe every other week
or something, definately cool to hang out with friends
back in P.Town, we'll just have to wait and see when I get
there. Anyways gotta go for dinner, I'll write more later