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2004-02-23 00:22:49 (UTC)

So this is what it's like when world's collide...

Saturday Jasmine had nothing to do. I didn't have anything
to do until dnd, or that get together with steph. (Which
just so happened to not work out. She never called me, and
I didn't really wanna go anymore later so I didn't call
her.) So I hung with Jasmine on Halsted between Addison and
Belmont. She called her mom and this guy she likes who she
was suppose to be hanging with today, and they were to meet
up later, so she needed to think about this and came back
to my place not wanting to go back to hers. That was weird.

We were close to Eric's though, and Micheal C. was there
with Evil Jimmy sleeping. So I asked Eric if we could come
over for a sec. Elizbeth came to pick us up, and I'm very
grateful for that. I really hate being dependent on people
for rides, but I really wanted her to see this and by the
time we'd get there she'd have to leave. I don't like
asking for rides though. Ugh. I hate myself for it. But she
was over at Eric's, watching Red vs. Blue. Man that was
weird. Seing Jasmine and Eric in the same frame. Well
Eric's cool with this kinda stuff, so I was repeating to
myself so that I don't hate myself forever, that he's cool,
he'd love to convert her to red vs. blue anyway. Too bad we
only had time enough to show her like 3 or 2 episodes. She
asked for him to burn the thing for her and she'll get him
like an empty disc. So he said cool. I hope he does this,
if he will this will be very interesting. She's into this
kinda diverse weird things, so she did like it, and she
would enjoy the rest even more since they get better.

I walked her to the Irving Park stop. She said that we seem
to be like some cool nerds. Which was kinda cool. It's
kinda what I decribe the group as myself.

Later I went home, ate, took a nap and got up to go back to
Eric's to play dnd. Tonight I met up with my teacher,
couldn't do jack to her though. Eric almost killed her, and
just as she was leaving I threw a thermo grenade after her,
which Eric gave to me in case of emergencies. No one knows
how that ended up. I stayed for the next game even though I
should have gone home, I didn't want to end up being told
what happened yet again. I'be only been in two battles,
don't have enough experiance points to get wings, and I
really wanna kill that bitch that tought me and betrayed
me. Along with a bunch of spine seekers. Before 7 in the
morning the games were up and everyone was tired. Chris was
being a bitch for some reason. I know he was upset about
something, and I don't know what. He was shaking his leg
like he always does when something is on his mind but he
won't say what it is. I don't think very many people
noticed that, that was the cause to his bitching. One way
or another, I walked home before 7 since it was already
crisp, fresh and light. I figure I can pull this off if I
do it like that.

I'll just go to theatre, eat and take a nap afterwards,
wake up, go to Eric's play, walk home when it gets light.
Tell my parents that I'll be home like at 5:30 and voila. I
see the sunrise.

A few points I'd also like to mention:

*In freestreet Ron was real proud of my camera acting.
That's right, you heard me. I was on screen today. And it
didn't look fake. So alright sweet. I might just be getting
the hang of it. Took quite a while and still is, but hey
*I started trying to educate myself more about deities. My
book was right next to my bed on friday and looking through
it I saw a chart I've never seen before that opened my eyes
to the dates in which what kingdom reigned, and therefore
which deities were most often referred to in which periods.
I figure I start learning about the deities from the first
noted ones in history and move on up. Not sure how to go
about it when they overlap. Probably just learn about one
group of followers and then back up to the others so I
don't get mixed up. The Egyptians were first in the book
though. Dated before 3000B.C to about 400A.D. So I figure,
start with Deity for the day, and sometimes have even two.
Trace the trees and hence forth make everything connect.
Yestedays Early Egyptian deity was Osiris. Todays are his
parents Nut and Geb. Tomorrow their parents Su and Tefnut,
later I'll check up on Isis, and then go into the offspring
of Isis and Osiris, Horus and continue down that chain.
Once I reach the end, go back and track the ending of the
chains of his siblings, alot of these deities will go hand
in hand though, so I may change my plan of attack to a
point where I study about 10 of them a day just so I know
every side from every chain. Try not mixing them up then
though. That's getting ahead of ourselves though.
So yeah.

Other stuff I'm planning that's less likely to happen is:
* getting more excercise. (yeah right)
* taking more public transport/more walking (maybe)
* Do my columbia stuff. (I better. Was suppose to do that
right now/ today)