Thoughts n' Junk
2004-02-22 22:13:43 (UTC)

The Intro to the One and Only (Me)

Howdee howdees! Finnally i get to make one of these
things. Ive been tryin to find a free diary/journal i
could make for a long time. Yeah..okee about me. I'm a 16
year old female from a little town in Missouri. I wont
tell you the exact location in Missouri b/c i dont want
anyone tryin to come kidnap me er anything. ^-^ not that i
would mind. I just dont want to get raped or get killed
while im with the kidnapper, or else i'd even tell you my
home address heehee. really really funny once ya
get to know me. Urm..i want to be an actress or comedian
or director or playwrite or a choreographer or a fashion
designer or an interior decorator or an artist person that
draws things for WolfHome :) Yeah thats a lot of choices.
Gotta keep a broad choice of careers. well...i guess im
gonna go mess around on WolfHome for a bit. You guys
should go there
Yeah thats the tightest siter right thurr lol. Okees ill
put more thoughts in here later.