Something For The Rag & Bone Man
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2004-02-22 20:56:38 (UTC)

Too much fun

Ain't done much recently.
I've done my RE and German and Science homework and left
everything else.
Went to the pictures a couple of times. Saw a film that old
people like with Faye and Kayleigh, we had a good day
though, well I did.
Ho ho, I saw Etienne sort of outside a shop, funny how i
always seem to see people when i'm with my mom or
family....still i'm not complaining - get lots of nice
things when moms around 8D
Had one weird dream, i'll tell you about it:
Started in a school/dormitory where some kid told me that a
film was cack.....i can't be bothered to type the rest but
it ended up with phill or bill getting shot in the foot by
Miss Pearce and me getting shot in the neck

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