The neverending tale
2004-02-22 20:07:07 (UTC)

forget the sorrow theres still tomorrow..

as u can see i'm bac to tell i have been sayin
throughout this journey i was mad snd dissapointed at my
best friend amber...well i'm here now to tell that i am no
longer took awhile but i decided to forgive her since
were best friends and i cant afford to lose another best
friend in the same month...and i'm finally returin to my
normal self again since it takes alot to make me the way i
was.even though i am not normal to begin wit..but i
concluded then i will be a pirate and soon i am on my
journey down far south to capture a cave filled wit all
sorts of goodies! and then i shall return in the spring to
get all cleaned up and wat not since thers not much on a
pirate boat..then me and my crew are out to sail again east
alllll the way around till we hit west then take it from
there..i must run now but i'll be bac!
later dayz!

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