Perfection Kills
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2004-02-22 19:30:04 (UTC)


hm... yay for emotions fucking up people's lives. Caring
for one individual results in the distain towards you of
another. isnt' life grand? man have i been self-centered.
i truly see that now. everytime i've cried in the past
year has been because of me. what happened to the kt who
would cry everytime ali cut? what happened to the kt who
would cry everytime someone was murdered in the news? what
happened to the kt who used to give a damn about everyone
and think that everyone deserved another chance... even if
it was there 2000th? life happened to that kt. crying
until she couldn't breathe happened to that kt. doing all
within her power to save a friend's life and losing
everythign with him only to realize he never was going to
kill himself and probably never even cut in the first place
happened to kt... having 3 bitchy ass best friends happened
to kt... being a nice person and then having her best
friend imitate her like she fucking meant it happened to
kt. life is a bitch. i hate people. everyone will hurt
you. everyone will make you cry. might as well fuckin
give up now eh? Ha... she's asking if i care if she and
andy get together... "do i mind" fuck yes i do... i mind
FEELINGS FOR ANDY. i mind that it's taken me this long to
want to cry about it but not let myself. because fuck it,
there are more imporant things out there then the dealings
of my pathetic heart. fuck it all. I love a couple of my
friends more then anything and of course they're the truly
unhappy ones. not unhappy because they need attention.
not unhappy because some guy doesn't like them or not
unhappy because they can't choose which guy knowing
perfectly well the choice of one could hurt the one they
care about most but saying "i don't care, i like them too
much" and casting that aside. i give up on crying. i give
up on living. i'll just stare into the sun until i die or
until my friends are happy. I mean my good friends are

Download the acoustic version. that song makes too much
sense to me.
i see the parts but not the whole
i study saints and scholars both
no perfect plan unfurls
do i trust my heart or just my mind
why is truth so hard to find in this world
yeah in this world

I send love to those that matter and words to those that
don't. I love sarah david leah derek...

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