What the Fuck
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2004-02-22 18:47:10 (UTC)

i don't want to go

ok today i thought i was goin to be just layin around and
watchin tv but no i have to go to some stupid prom workshop
thing-i hate this it's so stupid i don't even know what
group i'm in-oh well i'm only stayin for like 30 mins neway
so it's not like it matters-i'm like really sore b/c
yesterday i had softball tryouts and i hadn't picked up a
softball since november so my muscles rn't really used to
that-then last night i went to my friends house and we did
this thing where we stuff pillows in a sheet and we slid
down her stairs-it was fun but i took some pretty bad falls
so i think that is part of the reason y i'm sore-well G2G.

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