♥Picture Perfect♥
2004-02-22 18:12:58 (UTC)


Leave me alone.
I'm sick og going to sleep thinking about you. I'm sick of
waking up screaming and crying because I dreampt about you,
again. I'm sick of every song reminding me of you. I'm sick
of staring at the clouds and having your face stare back.
I'm sick of seeing all these scars on my arm that represent
you. I'm so sick of how no matter what I will always hand
my heart back to you and I will always love you.
If I could hate you, I would hate you with such a passion
that it would be indescribable. But guess what, I CAN'T. No
matter how hard I try I'm still in love with you.
And you know what?
I hate myself for it.

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