Dead head
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2004-02-22 15:59:00 (UTC)

the sun burns tonight.

well it's here,but i'm not sure what.
i'm falling up a hole,and smiling.
some people tell me life is a road,and your chooses are
different forks to walk down.
well i found something more like some one.
you know it has been a lonely walk for all this time,and
now i dont have to be alone.
when you look at the night and it still feels like a
beautiful autuem day then you know,thats the point where
you can say."Love" before that your just stupid and dont
jknow what your talking about.
even my voice says i have a point on this one.
so to any that read this
Woopie and Hona-ballow
weebels woobel but they dont fall down