Hokwan dish~
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2004-02-22 13:41:07 (UTC)


Today, i didn't feel so happy, but there are also some
happy things ge~

I tell the happy things first~
The happy thing is that i can go to Kumon with my naughty
sister and played for a while. It was really happy! But i
think we were disturbing their. But anyway, it was happy~

The unhappy thing is, went to shopping with my grandma~
It was really boring! Firstly, i don't like my grandma and
i hate her!!! She ask us to go to 飲茶 with her, but i've
said that i don't go with her to have any meal or lunch
anymore~ But...... i need to go to buy my working table and
the cupboard!!! Why she was so stupid? After the lunch, she
still follow us( i mean me and my sister) to go anywhere we
go!!! And after looking the cupboard, i went to exchange my
neckness with my sister, she still follow us!!! What's
matter of her?? I've try to walk faster and faster and
wanna that she go away, but... (all of you know the answer)
i know that she really follow us hardly because she is an
old woman, but... after a while~ she call us by a loud
voice!!! At that time, i don't feel anything and i don't
feel sorry too, because i think she was crazy and silly and
she can give up to follow us! I ask my sister to wait for
her, then she told my sister to wait for her and don't
throw her away! I was so sorry after hearing that, and i
talk to my mum after that, my mum also told us that she
wanna to buy something to us but she don't know what can
she buy to us, so she follow us and see that what we wanna
to buy and what we needed~

Hai~ i was so sorry!!! But...... i'll not become well with
her so easy!!! I'll try to forgive her, but i don't think i

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