Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-02-22 11:44:59 (UTC)

i'm scared

Ok NOW I am paranoid!............
the dream ... the last entry ... the nightmare.... 'pips'
dad .... ok I wont get murdered today hopefuly.... but
something will happen I have a bad bad feeling!

'pip' just called and asked me to go with him to some
family thing ... someones birthday or something!

I don't wanna go cos I'm scared but I do wanna go to see
if I'm write about something bad!
Ok I'm worried!!!!!!!

:S help ......
amy xx

mood: nervous (cringe) worried

music:I've got Nirvana rape me stuck in my head

~~~~rape me, rape me my friend, rape me, rape me again.~~~~
I'm not the only one No I'm not the only one