Mind problems
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2004-02-22 08:35:11 (UTC)

Last nite


Last night i went to a club with a couple of people in my
building. It was very interesting i mean i don't do the
club thing and people were very surprise to see me dance.
Well the night didn't start so cool. My friends got asked
to dance when we got there and i din't. I felt a little
out of wack and ugly at that point. Then the night moved
on and we got some serious dancing going on. The whole
night i wanted to tell my friend, that i like her and that
if she wanted to move this realtionship a step further...
well i didn't and thank god i didn't. I mean i want to
have her as a friend but at the same time i want to take
it further.
So we started dancing and this guy was dancing right
behind me and i din't care because i din't think much of
it or anything. Then we started to dance like together and
all. You know, like we were a couple dancing or something.
Well any who__ yeah i got tired of that and i made up the
excuse that i had to pee. Then when we got back that guy
was over some other chic, at first i was like what the
hell but then i moved on. I took him back inside to look
for my friends and he then took me to a side and asked me
for my number. I said no, well because i was thinking of
my ricky because i'm in love with him and all and he is my
soul mate and we are going to have that happily ever after
ending even if it takes its sweet ass time.
Then i went to dance with the chics, we were having a
blast dancing to spanish rock and that good spanish music.
Then this guy just takes my hand and we started to dance.
He was honestly ugly, but it was better than nothing, so
we danced and we shared info his name was Eduardo
Figueroa, his in the marine corp. Yeah so the part that
was strange to me was that he kissed me on the chike, and
he acted all nonchelont about it and all. So i did the
most logical thing at the time, i tried to find a way out.
I was looking for a friend to bail me but i couldn't find
anyone. So i took him off to the side and we sat down. He
then puts his arm over me and says your cute... how
original. It made me fell pretty but i knew i was since,
the chics in the building told me so. So we went outside
and talked and i found out what he was about. He is a good
guy, brain washed but good. He is looking for a girl to be
with and start a family and that he wants to be faithful
and all. I thought that was full of shit...
When my friends asked me who he was i told and they were
like he is cute and all that girly stuff. So i was like
dudes, he was ugly but deep inside i knew he was somewhat
cute. Not like im going to have a dream about you but cute
in a way that i can talk about you for a week and then
forget you way.

So that was my day. What do you think?

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