Erotic Stories
2004-02-22 06:00:24 (UTC)

a break, just for u fans!

Lauren stood in the shower letting the water cascade down
her body. She washed her long blonde hair slowly, letting
water cascade dwon her thighs. Her 32 c's bounded as she
washed herself.hard to beleiveshe was still a virgin
Little did
she know that her next door neighbor had come over to
borrow a cup of sugar and had accidentaly stumbeled upon
her shower. he could see the outline of her body
through the glass door. he had admired her from afar for
many a month. His bulge grew hard in his pants as she took
the time to shave her cunt. he knew now was the time. he
approached the shower and opened the door just as she
dropped the soap and bent over. he could se everything.
her pink ass spread as he saw her clit and anus. that was
all he could take. her pulled off his clothes as his 10
incher led the way. her put his hands on her hips. she
gasped but he soothed her. "its alright, its me, John."
her rubbed his cock against her clit as vibrations went
throught her body. she put her hands against the wall as
he plunged the head of his cock into her tight, small
virgin pussy. She let out a huge pain filled moan. "o
please, i'm not ready" He pet her head as he let her get
used to the head. "no c'mon," he stroked her back "it will
feel good."
"alright." she adjusted her hips to fit the enormous head
of it. Her pushed another inch in. he could hardey bear
the sight of his enormous cock stretching her limits. He
pushed the whole thing in as she let out short gasps. he
groped her chest as he grinded into her. "PlEASE JOHN! not
so fast o god" her stopped and let her grind herself into
him so she was stretched and ready for what was next. She
began to moan. he knew she liked it now. her thrust his
cock in and out of the sopping wet cunt. from tip to
shaft. She ruptured with moans and heavy breathing. Her
pinched her nipples and slapped her ass. She bucked her
hips and grinded her tight snatch over his huge rod. "O
"Not yet!" John pulled out laid lauren down on the floor.
he licked her gorgeous tits, alternating on sucking
nipples. he bit them and nursed off her. her licked down
her stomach to her gorgeous snatch. her teased the nether
lips and plunged his tongue deep inside. swirling it
around. she arched her backand grabbed his head. Her
cheeks grew red. John pulled his tongue outa and lickedd
her clit as he stuck 2 fingers in her hole. thrusting them
in and out and her flicked her clit with his tongue.
Lauren could take no more. She pushed her thighs against
his head and led out a loud, pleasurefilled cry. John
licked the juices off his face as her turned her on her
stomach. He spread her ass cheeks so he could see her
anus. Her kept them spread with one hand as he slapped her
with the other. She loved the feel of hishand coming down
hard on her anus. Her ass grew a hot pink as she screamed.
"O YES O GOD!" her climbed on top of her and slowly stuck
his cock into her waiting anus. She laid her cheeck on the
ground and bit her lip as her fucked her anus. When he
finally came, lauren pulled away and kissed her hard on
the mouth.