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2004-02-22 03:45:10 (UTC)

slowly comming back to normal. well...

i've finally almost gotten eveything back in order, but
it's still not finished. i know this makes no sense at all,
i'll explain in a minute, but no guarentees it'll make any

at last i remembered to change back my password, cause
some moron with no life decided he wanted to screw with my
account, resulting in it being temporarily terminated. i
was slightly more than ill-tempered by the time the lady in
hong kong or who knows where figured out what i was saying
and gave me another password to use 'til i fixed it. i dont
know why, but when people screw with my stuff and it in
turns puts more on me, i cant stand it. i hate not having
most stuff in a particular place or atleast vicinity. my
room begs to differ, but i know where everything's at, i
just sort of cant really see the floor except for the
trails to my door, closet, bed and computer. altho i'm not
entirely sure i want to know what's under the massive piles
of junk, just so long as no creatures, specifically
roaches...ewww...decided to "visit" and over-stay their

me, my boyfriend and one of our really good friends went
to the mall yesterday after school, then to eat at Wendy's.
we took my friend into Hot Topic 'cause i wanted to look
for some clothes, but mainly to see if it'd freak her out.
i dont know, i think we succeeded atleast a little. She not
one of the really preppy people that thinks they're better
than everyone else, when in reality, most of them aren't
fit to lick dog crap from the bottom of a beggar's shoes,
but then again, the beggars i've seen around here dont
usually have shoes...but anyway. like i said, she isnt one
the really bitchy preps that you'd like to strangle from
time to time, but she stuck out a little, but then again so
did i seeing as how all the people in there had atleast 1
spike through every part of their face that could be seen
in public without being obscene. after we'd looked around
for a couple of minutes, according to one very friendly guy
with 3 studs in his lower lip, "the flood gates opened".
every stuck-up bitchy prep in the whole mall came in. it
was so funny, especially this one girl, who was walking
around in a plastic-wrap Hollister shirt and khakis. the
people that worked there started to sort of circle around
them and tried to talk to them, you know, just being
friendly, and they all looked as tho they wanted to run. i
dont know why either, the people that work in there are a
lot nicer than the ones in most stores, like the ones that
attempt to tower over you and follow you around and look as
tho they'll shoot you if you touch or breathe in the
general direction of anything. then we left and walked
around for awhile, went into a couple of stores, went back
to Hot Topic so my boyfriend could by a trenchcoat that
looks really really cool, what with the black and the
zippers and such. then we attempted to get something to
eat, but my friend has apparently had a "bad experience"
with every restaurant in kennesaw. so we ate at Wendy's,
which was really good, and talked about a bunch of stuff
and they managed to make me laugh to the extent that coke
came out my nose. then i dropped a piece of lettuce
drenched in mayonase on my chin which only made me laugh
harder. after that my freind went to bathroom for an
eternity and came back and annouced to the whole dinning
room that blowing your nose on the paper towels is very
very uncomfortable, then started laughing and fell down in
the parking lot, not unlike a drunken person. i'm never
taking her out in public ever again. and wouldnt you think
that if you want to blow your nose, that toilet paper would
be the 1st choice since it softer? well, atleast i hope.

so after we took my friend home, we still had an hour
before i had to get home. but my friend's house is on the
other side of egypt i swear, and so finding our way back
into civilization was a bit of an adventure. it was fun
tho. really really fun.

then i got home...home is never a fun place to be,
especially when the only person not mad at you is the dog.
this includes a rather vicious with the friend i was just
speaking of. there's a lot of things that send me through
the roof incredibly quick, but saying that someone i care
about is a liar, among other thigns, is at the very top. it
was almost ironic tho, becuase we spent so much time
together merely an hour before and had had such a good
time. ::sighs:: i'm over-protective, but when i say i'm not
going to leave somebody and screw them over like everybody
else has, i mean it. i know what it feels like and it sucks
beyond expression. but yea, we're attempting to fix it as i
speak, and i got starburst jessy beans,the orange and lemon
ones are my favorite, so i'm pretty happy right now, even
tho i'm still alittle aggrivated. but thats alright i

so i have this book to read by monday, 5 or 6
conjugations or whatever they are in Latin, history papers
to finish and a lit project that should've been finished
yesterday but the little prep that decided to take it over
wouldnt do anythign except sit there and play with the font
for an hour and a 1/2 everyday. so i got that to do too,
and all of it by shouldnt be that hard, i
bought some instant cappuchino mix today so i'll have
extensive sugar and caffiene if needed.

i did pretty much nothing all day long, i wish i'd went
to see my boyfriend at his work. Taco Bell is awesome for
numerous reasons, but the main ones are that he's there and
i get to see him, they have really good food, and the gay
guys, jack and steve are really funny. i think his name is
steve...i only remember jack because he told us how his
mother was a stripper when he was a kid and that's how they
got their money, and that i said he was just like the gay
guy jack off "Will and Grace" tho i had no idea that his
name was jack when i made that reference.

FOR ALMOST 4 MONTHS!!! yay!!! anyway, enough rambling, i
must go gloat over my latest acchievement! oh, and dry my

forever 17