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2004-02-22 03:37:43 (UTC)

Titles are difficult

Today was really good actually. Last night the family plus
Jack and Alex's new friend Andy all went to see Miracle,
the movie about hockey in the 60s. It sucked. That was a
terrible movie-unless you love hockey, like my family. I
was really sick by the end of the movie for some reason
and I even had to leave early and stand outside and wait
for everybody else to get done. But I got home and
everything was ok after a while. This morning me and mom
and Jack all went to shop and look for bedding for me. We
went to Container Store and we got some baskets and bins
to organize things because of our lack of cabnites and
draws. I love that store. I got a laundry basket for my
closet, 2 makeup/organization holders for my bathroom
draws, cloth bins to put in the cabnites and a "laundry
butler" that is really awesome. Mom got some other stuff
to organize the rest of the house. I did really good today
about eating less. I decided I needed to start doing that
this morning because I am learning really bad habits
becasue I eat all the time. So.. I wonder how much less
(if any) I will weigh in the morning. Hopefully a couple
of pounds. I finally decided after hours of bed shopping
that I wanted the one in PBTeen magazine and so I'll have
to order that tomorrow. I'm excited about that one. We
shoped a little in BP in Nordstorm and I got a jacket and
a pair of pink capris for my birthday (WHICH IS IN LESS
THAN ONE MONTH!!!). Afterwards we stopped at the low-carb
store and I got some more bread and then we came home. Me
and Jack went to his house and finally got to be absolutly
alone and we screwed the shit out of each other. It was so
great. He really tried to be more intimate and it was
really good. It was crazy because I thought I was being
unusually quite and he said that he almost threw a pillow
over my face because I was screaming so much. That is the
damndest thing I have ever heard. Weird how that happens.
Then we went to the shop to get a little bit of work done
and had a big argument while we were there. It sucks when
we fight like that. We were both pissed off and yelling
and getting madder by the minute. But, we talked about it
and figured out what the problem was and then we figured
out how to not argue so much in the future. So hopefully
that will work out. Because we both decided that, as sad
as it is, we would never last fighting like this. And
neither one of us wants this to end. Then we met Mom and
Dad at the OutBack Steak House 45 seconds away from our
house and it was REALLY good. Unbelieveably good and not
too bad of a price. After that we went to Target (kick ass
fucking store right there) and got Tylenol, deodorant, and
hair gel. I also picked up some GasX for the future. And
actually I think I am going to take some. Then we came
home, I changed cloths and Jacky gave me the best back
rubbin in the whole world while we watching Cast Away on
HD TV. It was awesome! Well, tomorrows Sunday and then we
go back to school so I think I will chill at home
tomorrow. Maybe put together my laundry butler and wheel
it around a little. I'll write more later.