Denika's CraZY Life
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2004-02-22 03:25:48 (UTC)

idiot idiot idiot (double entry)

... Yeahhhhhhh... so this didnt turn out at all how I had

We went out to play in the snow, it was amazing!... Since
Dave's message.. and how he had said that his computer wasnt
running properly.. So I decided to go and apologize in
person.. So I walkedup to his door after playing in the snow..
I walked up to the Door.. Held out my fist..

I couldnt!I almost left.. But I gathered up my courage..

Knock knock knock.. A girl came to the door. "Hi there, is
Dave in?" "Yeah sure, Dave!".. A seccond or so..
"Yeah?"..said dave.. "Come out here?" Shuffling.. "You arent
outside playing in the snow!" I said nervously to the
girl... "Its too cold" she said quietly.

Dave comes to the door. "Can I speak with you for a
Dave, "Yeah sure."
Me,"You said that your computer wasnt working.. so I
thought I would come up and apologize in person,.. Im
sorry.. about yesterday.. and for jumping to conclusions.."
Dave."Its ok"

I really dont rmember everything.. I think i was stuck in
his eyes.. I dont remember him saying too much.. He was
smiling though.

Me,"I would give you a hug, but im all snowy"
Dave,"Yeah, you are all wet, and Im dry."

Anyway, i said i was sorry, and invited him upstairs for
something,bleh.. he wont come.. but oh well..

I smiled.. i felt so stupid..

Anyway.. I wonder if i did the right thing.. probably not..

Im kinda depressed right now.. not to the point of crying
or anything. I think I am in pondering mode. I just really
liked him ya know? Its not everyday you meet someone and
fall for them on the first day.. oh well.. ill suck it up.
and.. if he doesnt like me.. its his loss.. But i wish he
would.. The troubles of my life. lol...minus the laugh...