2004-02-22 00:16:56 (UTC)

Car Trips

I always seem to forget something when we go on our weekly
excursion to Albany and Corvallis.

This week I remembered the library books I wanted to return
and I checked to make certain I had my library card and some
change for the meter and a little money for my late fines. I
remembered the bins of recycling and the gloves to wear
while handling the refuse. I remembered the cell phone and
to put my car keys in my jumper pocket, in case we
accidently locked ourselves out of the van, something we've
done far too many times. I remembered the coolers for the
milk and meat and cheese I would be buying and the bins for
the other groceries. I remembered my shopping list. I
remembered the list of items I'm looking for at the thrift
stores we always go to (little metal charms and baskets and
old fashioned aprons are on my list now). But I forgot the
bakery outlet coupons so we skipped it today. When I got
home I immediately found the coupon book, clipped out
February's coupons and put them in my purse. I want to make
certain I don't forget them next week-end as it'll be the
last week-end I can use them.
We have nice, long converations in the car, John and I do,
on these trips. Sometimes we talk about the boys and
sometimes about something in the news. We tell each other
about the dreams we had the night before or something funny
that happened to us when we were children or share some
insight about a parent or a brother or sister. Sometimes
we're both just quiet, lost in our thoughts, and that's nice