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2004-02-21 23:45:33 (UTC)

Vampires. Satan. Hmmmm.

Vampires. When I was little I remember watching Dracula.
Why I was watching it when I was small I don't know. But
one scene always stuck in my disturbed, sewer-like mind,
which I think contributes to my neck issue.
If you've ever watched that film, you'll remember a scene
where Dracula, wonder of wonders, bites her neck. But you
should know that in order to become a vampire, she had to
drink some of his blood too. That scene was really sexual
and sensual etc etc, and I always found the whole vampire
thing intriguing. Of course, Spike and Angel from Buffy did
nothing to quench this feeling, and it grows steadily
stronger every time I have a particularly dark mood. The
whole neck thing and the power thing definatly helps.
Power. that's where Satan comes in. I am certain, and Gez
agrees, that Satan is in fact a woman. Where else would the
phrase 'Hell hath no fury' come from? And even Daniel says
that the thought of a female Satan, all evil and sinful
and, he says, probably wearing very skimpy clothes because
of the heat, is a veeeeeery interesting idea. If there is
indeed a female Satan then when I do I wish to overtake her
and become the next one, because that would just be soooo
And, says Daniel, the thought of power that comes with that
is a very big turn on. Now, I'll stand up for Daniel and
say power is a turn on, as well as confidence (along with
good looks) but not when it comes to women too. Not for me
anyway. The whole coy, sexy, I-know-all-the-secrets-of-the-
universe-and-I-am-smarter-then-you thing kinda would work I

I want to be a vampire. Or Satan. Or maybe I'll start off
as a vampire and work my way up.


Xx Millie xX

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