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2004-02-21 23:26:17 (UTC)

Er, Yeah

Ahem. Yes, thak you for that one Gez. A real gem of an
entry that one. Really confidence boosting. Anyway.
Yes, alright, now that all my dirty laundry has been aired
in public (GERI!) I will now take any questions or, more
likely, insults you throw at me and answer them from my
side of the story.


My big brother. Not by blood, just major trust ties. Hes
not around much anymore. Except for in my dreams from time
to time. He fell in love with Toms sister Evie, and slept
with her a couple of times before she told him she was ill.
When she told him, and he found out he had it, I nearly
killed her. But in the end God did that for me. I miss
Charlie everyday, and wish he'd managed to stay faithful to
Gez, then he might still be here. But that will never stop
him being my inspiration.


Yeah, Rob was a bit of a mess. I had a crush on him for
four years, and managed to keep it a secret for two of
those years. But then the whole school found out, made
jokes about it, laughed about it, bullied me about it. No
big. So I gave up and cut my wrists. Again, I feel, no big.
Then I wreck my prom by not being too strong a person and
try to kill myself. Oh well, etc.


We all know about Tom, there really isnt that much more I
want to say on the subject. He was a twat, beat me up,
nasty person, sex crazed etc etc. Had an evil sister who
actually ENCOURAGED him to do what he did to me. Again? No
big deal. Worse stuff happens to people all the time.


Yeah, maybe I should explain the whole doing stuff with a
guy a whole year younger. But in my defence, he was pretty
cute, and looked older then he actually was. And he was
pretty good, for his age. Um, anyway. Not that it went that
far. I am still a virgin, as I wasn't even legal at the
time. But God, if I was, and Rob hadnt convinced him I was
bad news...

so there, there is my defence. And we'll forget the fact
that I dream about dying, or try to commit suicide, or rely
heavily on my string of boyfriends to keep my confidence
up, and we'll just kinda, end this entry.
Right There.

Xx Millie xX

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