To be set free
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2004-02-21 22:23:01 (UTC)

Dreams is a sleepless place

This morning, i could barely wake, ironic because only
moment before the alarm had resounded in my head, i had
been unable to close my eyes to slumber. Finally, i emerged
from my room, in an "I blame Canada" T-shirt, hair still
I sat on the side of the bathtub, running the water for my
shower, Then pulled of my shirt, and got in. The warmth of
the water running over my body was comforting, like having
arms hold you, warm and safe, only i was in my bathroom,
which is sort of creepy, cause i feel safe in there.
I made sure to use plenty of conditioner in my red, wavy
hair, letting it run through twice, to be sure it was soft
and delectable.
I dressed, trying as hard as i might to not look at the
hideous body before me, covering it with baggy-ish clothes,
and the hopes of success.
At proptly 7:30, i arrived on scene, and rode from the
school to the bus, upon arrival to the writing tournament,
I saw a boy. His black hair fell over his eyes, nose
peeking out at the bottom. His black nails and various
jewelry, along with black clothes and nets on his arms,
made him rather attractive. not, of course, bacause i am
into that style, but more because he was the only one there
dressed like that, he stood out, he was origional. I like
origionality in guys.
After writing my three stories, I am able to go on to
regionals. Yay.

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