Denika's CraZY Life
2004-02-21 20:53:32 (UTC)

A week, A night, A whole lot of fun!.. Plus my own stupidity.

A few days have passed. There are a few changes... Vanna
and Norm are now Boyfriend and Grilfriend..Wow Huh? They
arereally cute together. She has Basically spent the entire
week here. Bleh, its fun. We always have a lot of fun.

The week itself has passed quite slowly.. The blizzard
that broke the reccords helped that a long quite well..

Who am I kidding, I can't leave out the thing that has
been on my mind for the past week. Dave. Astro. Damn.

All week, I didnt get a single thing.. no calls, no messages or e-mails.. Whats up with that? Well..
I wrote him a long e-mail.. days past.. I sent him a
message.. a day or so past..

Then, yesterday, Chuck, Norm, Savannah and I were going to
sobeys to get some groceries because there wasnt really
anything left in the place to eat. Who do I see? Of course..
Dave! What was I wearing? Oh nothing.. BUT THREE POUNDS OF
MAKEUP ON MY FACE!! We all decided to go out wering this
crazy makeup all over our faces.. to see what kind of
reaction that we would get... I saw him and I was sooo..
embarrased isnt the word, but Ill use it anyway. So he
looked at me, turned away, I looked at him, turned away.. it
was like kindergarten. I felt stupid.. the main reason was
because this was the first time he saw me after that
wonderful night.. and after the freaking e-mail that i sent
him.. I felt like a fool.

At the same time i thought that he was avoiding me, I
mean, nothing for a week, and then the turning of the head
thing? Whats up with that??... anyway...

On to something else.. The day progressed, Vannah, Chuck
and Norm and I had a blast! Vannah and I tried to go out
with Collin and Bill, but that ended up a bust, but an
adventure. We met up with Sean and Trevor outside, it was
all good. We talked for a while.. Sean is so cute..

Yeah, the bust with Bill and Collin, we came back, played
a few rounds of predator and prey, it was awsome.. We had
sent down a note for the boys to come and play the game but
no one came... until 12 30..

Sean comes in the door! YAY! and we play! He loved playing
predator and prey with us! In fact he stayed for 3 hours! We
played that, twister, and eye toy! He said "Its so much
better than doing nothing downstairs, all they do is get
drunk and high all the time!" YAY! he loved it. ONE OF US!
lol... anyway, he left with a promise to come and watch
disney movies and to have a snow war..

We pretty much went to bed after that.

I woke up around 12 today.. Went onto yahoo.. Yeah.. I
feel SOOOO0o0o0o0o StUPiD!! Turns out, HE WaSNT AVOIDING ME!
His computer was just messed up...:( *sad humilated face*
Damn.. do I ever feel stupid.. I hope it doesnt ruin

Anyway, thats pretty much everything that has happend over
the past week or so. Catch you later!