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2004-02-21 18:01:51 (UTC)

It's been a while.

Let's see... I think I'm going to start with Tuesday. As
usual, I went to Tisha's. Billy was there. Duh. We watched
Freddy vs Jason and I hate scary movies so I was freaking
out so Billy was trying to get me to sit by him and I
eventually did. Then when that was over, Tisha and I were
going for a walk and Billy followed us and for some reason
he had a spoon. At first he was just poking Tisha with it
in the arm and back and then he started poking me in the
arm and then he started poking my butt. Don't ask why. I
don't know. I always knew he had some issues. Years of drug
use will do that to you. We were outside for about 2 hours
(in the rain...I love the rain) untill my dad came and
picked me up.
On Wednesday, I went over to Tisha's again. I wanted to go
outside and she wouldn't go with me so I went by myself and
then Billy ran outside to catch up with me. So we walked
around the park and talked a little bit. And then we went
back and we were sitting on the couch when Tisha ran out of
her room slamming doors and went outside. And then Ashley
(GOD! I HATE HER WITH A PASSION!) showed up so I went
outside and at first nobody followed me so I was sitting on
the corner where there was no snow until my dad came to
pick me up and when we drove by Tisha's house Billy was
sitting on the tree stump in her front yard. I felt kind of
bad because I think he was looking for me.
I didn't go over to Tisha's on Thursday because, since
we're remodeling our kitchen, my grandparents brought KFC
over. So I had to be home for them.
Yesterday, Friday, I went over to Tisha's. Chris went to
Billy's and then they were gonna go to the mall. It was
Tisha's idea to go to the mall so we walked over there but
we didn't see either one of them. Then we walked back to
Tisha's. My dad came and got me like an hour later.
So there you go. How very interesting. I'm going to go
watch TV now. Bye
Oh yeah! I'm not sure where, but I found this somewhere...
"Cut to bleed
Cut to feel
Cut to know that I am real
Cut to survive
Cut to stay alive
Someon please understand
This isn't suicide "

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