Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-02-21 16:44:49 (UTC)

ok this needs some explaining

right ... where do I start.... My name is amy

I have a best friend called 'jade'. she has a
boyfriend 'ralf' and a crazy ex 'mitchel'

I live with my mother 'maid marianne' and her
boyfriend 'wolly'.

i visit my dad 'robert hood' every few days. He lives with
his girlfriend 'tish' and her daughter 'doogle'.

I have 2 sisters 'tina' and 'bruce' who have a different
dad to me but I doubt I'll mention him he's an ass
hole! 'tina's' in love with 'fester' 'bruce' is in love
with 'samantha' and is curently living away in scotland

'Ted' is an old friend of mine.... well thats not the
whole story but I won't go into that bull shit!

'pip' is of course my flavour of the week :p (joking) I
love him alot.

Oh and marshall ... is my ex drug dealer .... oh
and 'bruces' friend. oh and marshals brother 'steven'
is 'tinas' best friend!

music: RHCP under the bridge
~~~~~~~remember it's all about the feet~~~~~~

man I am so SAD