The neverending tale
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2004-02-21 16:10:37 (UTC)

long journey home...

not much has happened since the last time i wrote that yummy
entery... but i have decided i would like to be a pirate.i
dont kno how i came about that but it seems like a very
different job from wat i really want to do..i also got
writen up at school for the first time..but i dont care
cause i was havin fun gettin in trouble..which was me and
this kid were paintin on each other in studio art."it was
miss use of art material" wat a bucnh of bs...well anywho i
am still very upset wit my friend and she has no idea..shes
so slow.since she doesnt kno how to be a friend in the first
place so u cant expect her to take a dont matter to
me no more though.i dont give a shit about her.i still dont
relize matt is gone.and no one understandes how much this is
really killin me.i loved him alot and i still do.i really
really want him to come back.its really all weird i guess
since he didnt say goodbye and i didnt have enough balls to
say goodbye to him the proper way...lifes gunna go by soo
slow now since i wana see him sooo really is unfair!
espically when noone understandes me.even though they think
they do.well ya dont!ok well time to leave.byez *AMAZING*