Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-02-21 15:30:00 (UTC)

good afternoon 'bert'

Ok so It's morning for me! 'Jade' stayed here last night.
My little sister 'doogle' came in this morning cos we were
in her room and started crying and bitting people for no
reason! This is what listening to Nirvana by forse
('doogle' has no choice we play it so loud) does to little
kids at the age of 7.

It's not fair 'roberthood' and 'tish' are moving to the
other side of town ... ok they'll be closer to me 'maid
marianne' and 'wolly' but further away from 'pip' so i
wont see him as much when i stay with 'roberthood'! (I
call my parents by nick names too)

We need new friends. 'adam mathews' keeps texting 'jade'.
He oughta just get over it she has 'ralf' now! 'mitchel'
is after her cause she hasn't given back grand theft auto
back... we saw him yesterday hes scarey (argh best friends
ex boyfriend ...scarey)

I spent all last night pissing off the neighbors by
banging on the wall HAHA 'bert' "i love
you 'Bert'"... "will you marry me 'bert'".... "would you
please stop stalking me 'bert'!" ...... ok I have a
stalker neighbor boy in the year below ....doesn't
ok just me then?
('doogle' was not hurt in the making of this day! I kicked
the little bitch)