The Girl Downstairs
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2004-02-21 15:00:54 (UTC)

twins??!!?? chuck n fuck

im 16! 16! a child. so why is it that i end up babysitting
two 19 year old boys on my friday night? the twins. one
pissed out his tree...the other? b-a-t-t-e-r-e-d-e-d
battered-ed. talking codshit. leaning all over the taxi
driver. putting his feet on the radio. his name is annie.

the pissed one was simon. he got very angry, had to put him
in a taxi, he then passed out for 1/2 half an hour before i
dragged him out the taxi. then he walked into a bush.
and got stuck.
the flat i was trying to get them to is on the top floor,
and there are no lifts, so heres me, a 5"5 girl practically
carrying 2 not-exactly-small men up 3 flights.

it gets worse.
annie is my boyfriend right? and a few weeks ago, one of
the tenants, jay, caught us having sex in the communal
toilets :S he went mad at our mate jim who owns the flat we
cabbage at. last night however, it wasnt annie he saw being
naughty it was simon. throwing up. everywhere.

yes indeed. chuck n fuck. and who gets the blame? me. well
im battered too, so i fuck of for 40 mins and get lost.
come back. tuck the twins in. and have my fingers chewed
off by annie for the rest of the night as i try to stop him
chewing his mouth to pieces.

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