2004-02-21 06:54:06 (UTC)

chocolate cake 2

i finally ate that cake, and is not that gd. it starting to
get soggy. eeeelllll~ but i like that chocolate.anyway,as
i'm eating the cake, i felt sth "chewy", so i took it out.
it is a piece of aluminium foil!!! then i recall that
yesterday the teacher has dropped a small piece of al. foil
when taking out the choc. to melt it......... ai....
and well i tell mommy about that, she said when she ate
adela's dessert yesterday, she saw a staple in the
that shows, we are from the same family cos we have the
same experience. ^^

Abscond (ab SKAHND)(v.)
- false
- - word charge
- to depart secretly

eg With the help of his conditioned abs and his sharp wit,
the criminal absconded from his jail cell in the night.

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