Loser In The Making
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2004-02-21 05:13:47 (UTC)


christina and i lied to our friend jessica and also i found
that jessica thinks im really annoying and that she lied to
me about having fun at my house.. so now im pissed at her..
but also i feel really bad about lying to her.. and so does
chrissy. but like yeah.. we thought that jessica found out
that we lied to her because she called christina last night
and said that she needed to talk to her but we were walking
down to mcdicks so we didnt get the call... then today we
called her back and yeah... she didnt know *dances with
joy* so that made us feel better.. knowing that she didnt
know.. ohh.. i didnt tell ya what we lied to her about.. we
jessica asked me on wednesday if i oculd spend the night at
her house and i told her that i could because i didnt know
that christina really wanted me to go over there so yeah..
then christina gets on telling me that shes pissed at
jessica and that she really wants to see me and i wanted to
see her too so i told jessica that i swore at my mom twice
so i got grounded and i couldnt go to her house.. and then
she asked christina if she could spend the night and
christina told her that her mom wanted her to stay home or
something like that.. cant really remember what she told
jesse but i think thats really close.. so yeah... well
christina is falling asleep.... 0.o she wants to stay up
for 48 hours so im not supposed to let her go to sleep..
last night i went to bed but she stayed up all night
watching movies so now she wants to try and stay up for 48
hours since she stayed up for 24 hours all ready. better go
now.. i think christina is bored so i better entertain
her.. bye!!! :-p

Your Boo.

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