Dead head
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2004-02-21 04:54:30 (UTC)

This is it

I lost something with that peice of card board,and those
chemicals. But i got something else back,my mind was now
opened to thing i never thought could happen.
when starting my walk down this dirty raod we call life.i
was nothing more that a stupid,unwanted child.
Now look at the world like i never have, i see my life
heading to a new road.
I've had many people ask me why i am like this.
my only replie is "because i can be!"
now you see there are lots of kinds of people,some people
love to ask the question "why?",others it's "what?"
i'm one of the very few "what?" people in the world.
i find reasons to do things that should be in my head.
the voice in the back of my head is my best friend,and a
stuffed bunny rabbit.
i spend nights on end lost in thoughts,stuck in a reality
of my own.
I've heard people say they know who i am, and all i can say
is "NO you dont!!"
half the people that say this to me dont even understand
why i'm alive.
Hell i dont understand why i'm alive.
if you want to know me you have to be me,the only
understanding any person can have of another is a
represontation of the in spirit and body.
the thoughts and life of that person are to them and them
i shall end my day with.
"We all die alone."