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2004-02-21 03:57:13 (UTC)

bad day

Today was so bad I was sick and my dad still made me go to
school and i was mad because when im faking sick he will
let me stay home but when im really sick he makes me go to
school. at the same time im kinda happy because i got a new
bed, intertanment center and its pretty cool but at the teh
same time it sucks because my life sucks and school makes
it even worse i mean i want to do the right thing and then
when i go to school every thing changes. when i got on the
bus today chad moris got on my nevers and i felt like
beating the crap out of hime but i knew i couldn't and
thjis girl named kindra was ridding our bus today and i
hate her but one of my best friends likes her but me and
paige hate her gutes and want to wope her a double s and it
won't be pretty sblanche told her that i hated her and that
was the truth. thats about all that happened at school
today oh and ill tell u how the trip to my ants went.