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Life Is For Living, Rite?
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2004-02-20 23:56:56 (UTC)

Once Upon A Time (Deep Inside My Mind)

The sky is black and the rain pours. It hits the side of
the car and bounces off like bullets. The streetlights
flicker at the side of the road. I see you driving, we're
arguing again. Gez and Daniel are asleep in the back seat.
I know you're leaving, there's no way I can make you stay.
You've already made up your mind, and your going to leave
me. I can see it in your eyes. I can see my purple nail
varnish out the corner of my eye. I turn my back on you and
look out the window, seeing my reflection and watching the
raindrops fall down it, like tears. You try to comfort me,
but there's nothing you can do. Your not here anymore,
you've already left. You take your eyes off the road for
five seconds.
But its enough.
The oil tanker comes out of nowhere, and its too late. You
try to turn the car, but everythin goes wrong and it skids,
throwing the whole left side of the car in front of the
truck. I see the look on your face as you look at me and
realise what I already knew. I'm already dead.
Then it all goes blank, and I watch the truck hit the side
of the car. I watch it push the passenger seat, my seat,
through the windscreen, watch the glass shatter into tiny
pieces and litter the road. I watch the car tilt and roll
over, but Im not in it. The tanker stops feet away from the
still rolling car. The passenger seat is lying between the
car and the tanker. Your still sat in the car, I can see
you. I cant see Gez and Daniel, I dont know where they are.
Im lying in front of the tanker, but you cant see me. You
can only see my hand, the rest is blocked from view by the
tanker. You know its me because you can see the purple nail
varnish on my nails. You pray for me to move, but you know
I wont.
Your fine
Gez is fine
Daniel is fine
And me?

What do you think....?

Xx Millie xX