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2004-02-20 23:50:12 (UTC)

feb 20th- still breathing

yeh 'tina' and 'bruce' have left me Im alone with 'maid
marianne' and 'robert hood'!

oh well i still have 'jade' and 'pip'!

'Bruce' called earlier and I wasn't in :-( it's weird
without her! I miss her and 'tina' is going to be in
australia with 'fester' soon so I'll have no one
except 'pip' and 'jade'!

my desk is taken over by onken mousse pots spoons and the
odd drifter raper. by morning toast also... or coco pops!
just general breakfast!

I wonder if 'bruce' misses 'samantha' i miss them
all 'bruce', 'samantha'. 'marshal'!

'Marshal's' car was the best I miss the weed the alcohol
the loud speekers! how it shook everytime we put the base
up was always! but I have bad memories like just
before 'bruce' ran away to shefield with 'samantha'. her
screeming cos 'maid marianne' fucked her up.

I miss 'bruce'!!!!

('Bruce' is infact female and 'samantha' is in fact male
and they are infact going out)

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