Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
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2004-02-20 23:13:42 (UTC)

Feb 20th 2004 - life begins

Hi there welcome to my diary! Ok so
you don't know me
(unless if you do know me) I feel watched!

Ok so here goes...........

Today has been filled with heart ache ...ish me and 'Pip'
had an argument so 'Jade' came over to make me feel
better... or to drink my mums wine...hehehe

Trying not to think about 'ted' after all its causing me
and 'pip' alot of hurt or rather causing 'pip' hurt!

'pip' got some dope today I didn't smoke alot and 'Jade'
didn't have any, she quit.

I feel bad about ever arguing with 'pip' especialy over
something so pointless! Yes 'ted' is a good friend. yes I
care alot about him but thats my problem not 'pips'! My
past with 'ted' has nothing to do with 'pip' end of story!

(Just to say I dont use peoples actual names)
~~~~Telephone sex is one of the means that satan the devil
is using to corrupt young ones today~~~~

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