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2004-02-20 22:32:05 (UTC)


Jay i fuckin hate you!!i wish ud die & watch u bleed!!!k im
done...wow lets see...2day went ok @ the beginning,went 2
fashion 1st period...that was fun..& then went 2 math that
sucked...& anthony made my day,he held me & made me feel
better!went 2 lunch..saw lessa,shes sick...i hope u feel
better lessa :(!went 2 child development thats where the
day got bad..i saw jays makeout girl friend (wutever u
wanna call it)& i saw his NAME carved on her arm...i was so
F****** heated...i was pist!i told nessa & Audry they
started baggin on her & starin @ her...omg i was so
mad,that ruind my day,ima say this now,im not gettin bak
with jay ever...im waitin 4 my baby julian...im serious,he
makes me so happy...& i have so many great memoriez w/ that
kid! im not doin good in skool...god!2day was the first
time ive cried in a long time..it takes alot 4 me 2
cry..but im ok now..i like anthony but ima wait 4
julian,thanx lessa 4 agreeing :) well ima go cuz i got sum
stuff 2 do....