What the Fuck
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2004-02-20 21:27:14 (UTC)


I'm so happy that it's Friday and it has been a good day
too-2night i'm goin over to my friends house and then a
couple of r friends r also comin over and we're goin to
play the game malarky-if ne of ya'll haven't played that
game u need to it is so much fun but u have to play it with
a lot of ppl or it doesn't really work that well-then
tomorrow i'm not really lookin forward to tomorrow b/c i
have softball tryouts and i hate tryouts cause all we do is
stand in a line they hit us like 2 groundballs and then we
hit and that's it,it is so stupid-i hope it rains cause if
it rains we have to do it on sunday and it is really
suppose to rain all weekend so i'm hopin that's what it's
goin to do-well g2g.