2004-02-20 14:17:34 (UTC)

Movie Night

Yesterday ended up really good. I was in a pretty good
mood and me and Jack spend alot of time alone upstairs
because my parents went back to the old house for
something. We talked about alot of stuff and he was being
pretty intimite. We left and had burgers with his dad and
then decided to go to a movie. We went to a 9:55 pm movie
on a Thursday so I figured that we would be pretty alone
in there but NOPE. There was like 10 couples and we all
sat in the middle 4 rows. So there was no chance on
playing. But that was fine too. At the beginning we got
into a little argument about sex agian. Ya know, that is
all we fight over and I know that the fights are my fault
but I'm not happy with our sex and thats not going to
change unless we talk about. I'm probley going to be
unhappy with it untill he gets his own apartment and we
can really be alone for long periods of time. We can also
buy lots of sex clothes and toys and those ankle things
that we saw on the news that are suspost to help make you
cum easier. Sounds like something I could use. Well, we
saw 50 First Dates and it was pretty good; serious in some
parts, funny in other parts, and it was also kinda sad a
little bit. But we had a good time being out late and just
being together in general. We make a really awesome
couple. Thats what I love about Jack, he is such an
awesome person that (if I let him) he can any time the
best day of your life.

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